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Compliance Vision

Define Compliance Department’s vision/mission and align them with your company’s strategy.

1. Your needs

  • Make sure your internal stakeholders and the top management clearly understand Compliance Department’s role, perimeter and value-added services
  • Set clear vision, goals and values to increase team’s ownership and commitment
  • Ensure homogeneous communication inside the department and towards clients in order to change perception
  • Train team members in order to enhance their communication skills

2. Our solutions

  • Defining key messages: organizing and animating several workshops for the team to co-build Compliance Department’s vision, mission, and values
  • Drafting a 30 3 30® booklet presenting Compliance Department’s vision and mission in 30 seconds, 3 minutes and 30 minutes
  • Setting a communications action plan related to the 30 3 30®

3. Our deliverables

  • Mission statement of the Compliance Department: 30 3 30® Booklet, including vision statement, mission statement, values, offers’ architecture, organization chart, detailed offers by stakeholders, key figures, etc.
  • Marketing plan of the compliance department