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About Us

Globetex Sourcing Limited is one of the best most youthful material exchanging Bangladesh; a country with extraordinary potential in the field of article of clothing fabricating. Globetex has procured an adaptable creation chain to cook adaptable orders in more limited lead-time. It has the worldwide store network director and virtual maker with an extremely sharp spotlight on item and cost. Globetex begins its business through the administration is having experience many years addresses our enthusiasm for the design business and in conveying genuine advantages for our worldwide clients.

Working it's business through various region across the World particularly in Europe, Canada, North America, Middle East and Asia. We have an immense organization of production lines/Vendors which have been actually and morally examined to the worldwide principles.

Globetex gives minimal expense obtaining in attire, design adornments and different merchandise for organizations in the style and neighborliness enterprises. We have solid associations with makers and quality providers all over the planet and keep up with high creation principles through our group of on location examination specialists and import/send out trained professionals.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Compliance Issues to be categorized as ZTV

 Child labor

 Forced labor


 Harassment and Abuse

 Unauthorized subcontracting including Tier 2 operations regardless of brands

 **Shared building except if supported by Head of Compliance (some other manufacturing plant possessed by various proprietor situated in a similar structure) or industrial facility situated in building which has shops/markets

 Factory building approved for residential purposes

 Any unethical practice, such as bribery in the form of cash or kind to facilitate any process

Our Services

Technical Team
QA and QC Team
In-house Technical And R&D Team

Customer service

  • We manage supply chains for major brands and retailers worldwide. We have a large network of factories which have been technically and ethically audited to industry standards.
  • We are committed on time delivery to maintain good quality ensure
  • Environmentally committed apparel producer
  • Quality is first priority
  • Think buyer like businesses partner

Current Business Market

South America